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Image viewer


Visualization → Image viewer

This visualization module provides an overview of imaging data.


The interactive imaging plot (left) allows to choose any pixel and explore the underlying spectrum (bottom right). When selecting a signal from the spectrum, the corresponding image will be generated. In Spectrum options menu, the user can choose a feature from a feature list to be depicted on a scan (prior feature detection is required).

The top right panel gives information about the raw file and imaging parameters used for the acquisition.


The Settings menu on top can be used to change the imaging parameters.

Parameters and Settings

settings The following parameters have to be set when running the module. They can be adjusted in the image viewer settings menu.

Raw data files

Select raw data files

Scan selection

Select which scans should be shown in the image. Typical filter for imaging experiments is MS level filter, level = 1.

m/z range

Define m/z extraction window.


Define mobility extraction window if available.

Transform pain scale

Apply a paint scale transformation for the image plot.

Normalize images

Apply image normalization.

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