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Image builder


Feature detection → Imaging → Image builder

The image builder will create ion image features from mass spectrometry (MS) imaging raw data. Similar to the LC-MS feature detection, a feature list will be produced, containing images for every detected m/z.



Scan filters

Sets the scans to be used for image generation. The default is MS level = 1 without additional filtering.

m/z tolerance (scan-to-scan)

Defines the fluctuation of an individual m/z peak in between scans. For TOF instruments, 0.005 m/z or 20 ppm is a good starting point, while Orbitraps or FT-ICRs can achieve narrower signals depending on the set resolution.

Minimum absolute height

The minimum intensity an ion image feature must have in at least one point to be considered and retained in the final feature list.

Minimum total signals

The minimum amount of pixels, an ion image must be detected in. Consider your total image pixel size when setting this parameter.

Minimum consecutive signals

The minimum consecutive signals for an ion image feature to be detected.


The suffix for the created feature list.

Steffen Heuckeroth

Last update: May 19, 2023 12:42:20