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Mobility scan merging


Raw data methods → File merging → Mobility scan merging

This module merges mobility scans in each single ion mobility data file at the same retention time to a summed frame spectrum.

The merged frame spectrum is used if a *.mzML file is imported. The merged frame spectrum is required to gain access to MZmine's LC-MS functionality.

This step uses the centroided and thresholded data produced by the mass detection step.

⚠ This step is not required when importing native Bruker .tdf or .tsf data from .d folders. When importing native Bruker data, a merged spectrum for the frame is created automatically by the vendor library.


Raw data files

Raw data files the module will take as an input.

Noise level

Data points beyond the defined noise level threshold will be ignored.

Merging type

The way to calculate intensities. Intensities can be either averaged, summed, or the maximum value can be chosen.

m/z weighing

Chosen function is used to weigh m/z values by their intensities. The available options are:

  • None,
  • Linear,
  • log10,
  • log2,
  • square root,
  • or cube root.


Selects the scans that should be included.

m/z tolerance

Maximum allowed difference between two m/z values in order for them to be considered the same.


Last update: November 24, 2022 21:13:07