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LC-Image Aligner


Feature list methods → Alignment → LC-Image-Aligner

Aligns LC and imaging measurements based on m/z and mobility.Images are aligned to all LC features that match, only the best match is retained.


Feature lists

Select at least two feature lists. The image feature list(s) are aligned to a single (pre-aligned) LC feature list.

m/z tolerance

The file-to-file tolerance for two features.

m/z weight

Maximum score for a perfectly matching m/z. Default value is 1.

Mobility tolerance

Optional parameter

The file-to-file mobility tolerance. If the files don't contain mobility information, this parameter will be ignored. Default value is 0.01.

Mobility weight

Maximum score for a perfectly matching mobility. Default value is 1.

Feature list name

The name of the new feature list. Use {lc} to use the name of the input (LC/DI) feature list.


Last update: November 24, 2022 21:13:07