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IMS Expander


Feature detection → LC-IMS-MS → IMS expander.

The IMS expander searches for data points in mobility scans for existing features.

⚠ This requires prior chromatogram building (see ADAP Chromatogram builder and resolving in retention time dimension (see Resolving).


m/z tolerance

If selected, a tolerance will be applied to the feature's detected m/z while searching for data points in mobility dimension. Otherwise, the accepted m/z range is determined by the feature's m/z distribution in accumulated frame spectra.
Recommended setting: selected, 0.003 m/z and 15 ppm

Raw data instead of thresholded

Enables searching in mobility scan raw data instead of the thresholded (=mass detected) data. Only possible for centroid raw data files.

Override default mobility bin width (scans)

If selected, the default number of binned mobility scans can be overriden. Useful for data with high mobility resolution.

Binned mobilogram example

binned mobilogram

Steffen Heuckeroth, omokshyna

Last update: November 24, 2022 21:13:07