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Main window overview

The MZmine 3 man window is made up of mainly four important building blocks.

MZmine main window overview

MS data files and feature lists tab

[1]: The (raw) ms data and feature list tabs. Here you can find your imported data files and processed feature lists. Hint: you can also import files by dragging & dropping them to the ms data tab.

Main content pane

[2]: The main content pane. Visualisations such as a raw data overview or a feature list can be viewed here. This pane can also contain multiple tabs. Every tab can also be opened in a new separate window by right-clicking on the header.

[3]: The main menu. Here you can find methods to import and process your data files and feature lists and visualise the results. Furthermore, projects can be saved and preferences can be set.

Task overview

[4]: The task overview. Current tasks are displayed and their status and progress are indicated. Tasks can also be canceled by right clicking on a task.

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