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Results of the feature detection

Feature table

Feature table

Columns in the table can be displayed or hidden on demand, using "+" button or parameter menu button in the right table corner.

Feature table includes several groups of columns: - Manual annotation columns, - Parameters of specific feature, - And parameters of chosen feature in a specific data file (filename is shown on top of the columns).

State column describes the feature status in a chosen file using several color-coded options:

  • Blue - a feature was found in a primary feature detection,
  • Gray - a feature was found in a secondary feature detection (e.g., using Gap filling, after alignment),
  • Orange - a feature was not found in this particular data file,
  • Black - a feature was defined manually.

Manual feature integration

Sometimes it might be useful to perform manual integration of some selected peaks. To use this option a user can apply a right mouse click on a chosen feature table row and choose "Define manually"

Manual integration


Last update: November 24, 2022 21:13:07