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Linear normalizer


Feature list methods → Normalization → Linear normalizer

Linear normalizer divides the height (or area) of each feature in the feature list by a normalization factor, chosen according to the "Normalization type" parameter.

Each column of the feature list is normalized separately. In other words, normalization factor is determined independently for each raw data file.

Normalization factors

Different normalization factors can be applied:

  1. Average intensity

    Average height (or area) of all peaks in the column is calculated and used as the normalization factor

  2. Average squared intensity

    Same as Average intensity, but values are squared before calculating the average

  3. Maximum peak intensity

    Maximum height (or area) in the peak list column is used as the normalization factor

  4. Total raw signal

    Sum of the height (or area) of all peaks in the peak list column is used as the normalization factor


Name suffix

Suffix to be added to a processed feature list name

Normalization type

Selection of the normalization factor. Available options:

  • Average intensity
  • Average squared intensity
  • Maximum peak intensity
  • Total raw signal

Feature measurement type

Selection of either feature height or feature area, which will be used to calculate the normalization factors

Original feature list

If REMOVE option is selected, the original feature list is removed, allowing to save memory.


Last update: November 24, 2022 21:13:07