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Data export


Export scans - Spectra/mass list to mgf, txt, msp and mzML export

This module exports scans or mass lists. MZmine allows several types of data export:

  • to *.mzML,
  • to *.netCDF,
  • spectra/mass list to mgf, txt, msp and mzML export,
  • MS(n) trees export.


Raw data files

One or more raw data files that contain the scans/mass lists

Optional mass list

If checked, mass lists are exported instead of raw scans


The destination


  • mgf: MASCOT generic format - useful for SIRIUS

  • txt: Plain text format

  • msp: NIST search format

  • mzML: Open format standard for MS data


Last update: November 24, 2022 21:13:07