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Additional tools

Scatter plot


Visualization → Scatter plot

This tool shows a scatter plot with data from identified peaks in aligned feature list.

A search for a peak can be done using three options (name, retention time and m/z value).

Scatter plot example

Correlated features \(\Delta\)m/z histogram


Visualization → Correlated features \(\Delta\)m/z histogram

This module plots all m/z deltas between correlated features in a histogram and offers a Gaussian fit.


Minimum Pearson correlation

Minimum Pearson correlation of feature shapes.

Limit delta to m/z

Maximum m/z delta is the m/z of the smaller ion (feature list row).

m/z bin width

Binning of m/z values for feature picking

Append to file

Append the correlated features delta m/z to a csv file.

Correlation coefficient histogram


🚧 This module is being updated. Some newer functionality might not be documented.

This module allows to plot all correlations between feature shapes.



m/z bin width

Binning of m/z values for feature picking

Feature intensity plot


🚧 This module has a known bug and is being updated, which might affect its functionality.

Visualization → Feature intensity plot

This plot allows to explore specific features against the raw data.

Intensity plot w/error bars

Intensity plot w/lines


Data files

Selects the raw data files from where the peaks were detected

X axis value

X axis display the raw data file name or the parameter defined in the "set sample parameters" window

X axis value

The user can choose from peak's height, area or retention time value to display in this axis.


The user can select the peaks to use in this plot.

Kendrick mass plot

moved to 4D features plot

Van Krevelen diagram

moved to Van Krevelen diagram

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