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Merge raw data files


Raw data methods → File merging → Raw data file merging

This module merges all raw data files into a new. For example to combine positive and negative scans with MS2, all from different raw data files.

Method parameters

Raw data files

Raw data files the module will take as an input.



    Merge files based on a grouping identifier which can be a name suffix or prefix. (e.g., Sample_A_1, Sample_B_1: Use AFTER LAST _ to combine these files)


    Merge all selected files to a new

Grouping identifier position

Search for the specific group identifier before the first or after the last marker.

Position marker

The marker that splits the specific group identifier from the rest of the file names.

MS2 marker

If a raw data file has this marker in its name, it will only be used as a source of MS2 (MSn) scans. All MS1 scans of this file will be discarded.


Suffix to be added to the new file name.


Last update: November 24, 2022 21:13:07