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Retention time calibration


Feature list methods → Normalization → Retention time calibration

The retention time normalizer attempts to reduce the deviation of retention times between feature lists, by searching for common features in these feature lists and using them as normalization standards.

Ions present in all given feature lists (according to given m/z, RT tolerance and minimum intensity) in exactly one instance are considered as standards. Retention times of the standards are then averaged and equalized in all samples, and retention times of all other features are adjusted according to the retention times of neighboring standard features.

⚠ The method requires multiple feature lists of different samples, processed by deconvolution (for example, Local minimum resolver) but prior to alignment.


Name suffix

Suffix to be added to a processed feature list name

m/z tolerance

Maximum allowed m/z difference for two values to be considered the same

Retention time tolerance

Maximum allowed difference between two retention time values

Minimum standard intensity

Minimum height of a feature to be selected as normalization standard

Original feature list

If REMOVE option is selected, the original feature list is removed, allowing to save memory.


Last update: November 24, 2022 21:13:07