Ion Identity Molecular Networking and Feature-based Molecular Networking on the GNPS web-platform

MZmine offers an export for all files needed for molecular networking, e.g., performed by the IIMN workflow (reference paper) or the FBMN workflow (reference paper) on GNPS. The export is also used by other tools as described in the documentation. Extensive documentation for IIMN and FBMN is available on the GNPS documentation site..

Ion Identity Networking (IIN) in MZmine adds a new way to connect features in molecular networks, based on MS1 analysis of ion species (different adducts and in-source fragments of the same compound). Refer to this part of the GNPS documentation on how to combine IIN and FBMN within MZmine and GNPS. IIMN is now in the MZmine 3 release. Get instructions on getting the latest version under download.