User Documentation

The following documentation is available for getting familiar with MZmine 2 and its architecture. If you have further questions regarding the usage or development of MZmine, please contact the developers.

  • MZmine 2 manual  
    This manual covers the general functionality of MZmine 2 including installation, batch mode and data processing.

  • ADAP feature detection manual  
    This manual covers the ADAP feature detection method.

  • Video Tutorial  
    This animated tutorial created by Sandra Castillo introduces the basic features of MZmine 2, including raw data import, peak detection, visualization of results etc.

  • Usage tutorial  
    This tutorial written by Mark Earll covers the data processing features of MZmine 2.

Developer Documentation

  • How to start MZmine development
    This tutorial shows how to setup the development environment using the Eclipse IDE and how to start developing modules for MZmine 2 & MZmine 3.

  • Module development tutorial
    This (slighly outdated) tutorial is intended for researchers who wish to implement their own data processing methods within the MZmine 2 framework. It covers the development of a simple MZmine 2 module.